Gadgets: Xavax Nestle Nespresso Torre Coffee Capsule Stand - 40 Capsules

Xavax Nestle Nespresso Torre Coffee Capsule Stand - 40 Capsules

[b]Wake up and Smell the Coffee[/b] When in need of a quick caffeine hit when in a rush early in the morning or when preparing drinks for guests it can be tedious and inconvenient having to rummage around in the cupboard or boxes in order to try and find the correct coffee capsule that you desire for your machine. [b]Sleek Space-Saving Storage for your Nespresso Capsules[/b] Xavax introduces an elegant yet practical coffee capsule storage solution for your kitchen with this Torre Rack. Designed specifically to fit Nespresso capsules, the rack consists of 4 wire holders that are each capable of holding and dispensing up to 10 capsules to allow clear and easy sorting and storage of different types of capsule. With each of these holders allowing instant access to the inserted set of capsules, which can be clearly viewed, it is quick and easy to identify those that are running low and refill them if necessary. Kitchen surface space is precious and with a large number of appliances and gadgets on the market you may not have very much of it to spare. The Torre Rack takes all this into consideration with its compact, space-saving 15 x 36.6 x 15cm design, fitting neatly onto any kitchen surface and looking great with its high-quality chromium plating. No more rummaging in cupboards, all your capsules can now be kept close at hand so you can grab the one you want when you want it.

Price range: £17.40 - £17.40

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