Gadgets: Wow Stuff Flitter Fairy Daria

Wow Stuff Flitter Fairy Daria

Guide your Fairy with your very own magic wand and see it magically fly and flutter. There is now no need to wait at the bottom of the garden hoping to catch a glimpse of a secret fairy. Children will love to fly them and will be in awe of their beauty and poise. The Fairies fly by attaching a strand of Pixie Silk to a hairclip giving the impression that you are flying it with the magic wand. Create enchantment and wonder by flying the whole Fairy family together. See them perform their powers fully when flown as a group. Each Fairy has its own features and represents a unique power. Daria a Forest Fairy is the middle sister in the Three Flitter Fairies Collection. She wears the colours gold and green matching the colours of the forest. Known as the Fairy of Protection Daria will protect all in the forest from vegetation to animals. Make yourself familiar with this magical Fairy family. Features: Flitter Fairies are magical fairy figures that fly all around you Choose from three different fairies: Alexa Daria or Eva Use the magic wand to complete the illusion Each set includes a hairclip 8 strands of Pixie Silk a Fairy a magic wand and an accompanying story booklet Suitable for ages 8+ Size: Wand length: 22 cm Fairy: 12 x 6 x 2 cm PLEASE NOTE: Though some of the images of these fairies light up the toy does not. - R.K.

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