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Wickedly White

Chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice for IWOOT have once again teamed up with Thornton's to bring you two deliciously decadent gift boxes. In a selfless act of professional dedication we have once again put the diet on hold and eaten our way through two boxes of chocolate (all in the name of research of course). If you're a dark chocolate purist or know somebody who is and aren't sure what to get them for their birthday then the Deliciously Dark gift box is just the ticket. Their taste buds will soar to the heavens as they sample such delights as the Dark Chocolate & Chilli Chocolate Block (has to be tasted to be believed - utter bliss in every bite) or the plain and simple 70% cocoa block. If dark's not quite your thing and you prefer things on the creamy side then you won't be disappointed in the Wickedly White Gift Box. Indulge in a box of Continental Cappuccino or send your mouth on a trip to the med with the Lemon Sicilian Bar. The boxes are each sold separately and you'll no doubt make someone's day by sending them one of these in the post. If you play your cards right they may even share some with you. They're a taste experience for the chocolate-hearted. Contains: Continental Cappucino bag 95g Belgian White Chocolate Block 90g Continental Sicilian Lemon 3 pack Continental White Collection 360g Continental White Assortment bag 102g Lemon Meringue 3 pack.

Price range: £17.01 - £17.01

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