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Waterproof Gadget Case

If you want to keep your iPhone or other gadgets safe from the dangers of water (not the best companion to complex gadgetry apparently) then this Waterproof Gadget Case is exactly what you need. With a protective outer casing and a hinged plastic seal you can take pictures underwater use it while you're lounging on a lilo or by the side of the pool on holiday or just keep it safe from splashes. It's not confined to smartphones either so you can put your digital camera in there too if you need to keep it dry. It's also designed to float so if you end up having a boat-side mishap or a swimming pool disaster then you won't have to worry about losing your precious gadgets. Water damage need not be a concern to you when you're out and about by the pool or at the beach - just wrap up your precious electronic bits and bobs in this fantastic Waterproof Gadget Case and worry no longer.Features: A Waterproof Gadget Case for all your precious gadgets. It floats so no need to worry about dropping it overboard. Hinged plastic seal provides waterproof protection. Perfect for smartphones and digital cameras. Touch screen still useable when in the case. Waterproof up to 40 metres. Also protects against dust sand snow etc. Suitable for ages 8 years +.  

Price range: £14.99 - £14.99

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