Gadgets: Underground Toys Star Wars Talking R2-D2 - 9 Inch

Underground Toys Star Wars Talking R2-D2 - 9 Inch

A long time ago in a toy factory far far away lived four of the coolest cuddly toys the galaxy has ever seen. The Star Wars Cuddly Toys landed in our office (having hitched a ride on an Imperial Star Cruiser) and we can't keep our hands off them. Four iconic characters from the original trilogy make up this intergalactic troupe (each sold separately). All but R2D2 will make appropriate sounds when squeezed. Darth rasping away like the devil he is Yoda spouting quasi wise utterences and Chewie bleating out his distinctive growl-like moan. Eminently cuddleable and curiously cute we're strangely fond of these diminutive heroes.

Price range: £14.99 - £14.99

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