Gadgets: Thumbs Up Waterproof Video Spy Watch

Thumbs Up Waterproof Video Spy Watch

Spies are as you're probably aware the coolest people on the planet. Their work can take them through any number of difficult terrains but the trickiest has to be underwater. So what better way for you to play at being an underwater spy than by getting hold of one of these Waterproof Spy Watches? You've seen it in the movies countless times now it's your turn to swim to the bottom and take a take a video of that secret nuclear reactor! Or y'know some pretty coral. Whichever. For one watch to be packed with so many features is pretty darn incredible so let's start at the beginning. Perhaps most impressively it can record video with the cheeky pinhole camera housed in the number '12' of the watch face and it's of a remarkably high quality. Next you can also take still photos with that nifty concealed camera which is perfect for undercover surveillance purposes (and for taking on holiday). Add to that the ability to record audio as well and you've got an extremely impressive little package that don't forget you can take a dip with! It's good up to 30 metres underwater thanks to a lot of dinky watertight knobs and it charges via USB. Once you've taken your snaps and filmed whatever international espionage shenanigans you were supposed to you can transfer your digital gubbins to your computer ready for you to send back to HQ (or email to your mates). In all seriousness though this underwater work of genius is all you could possibly need for larking about with in your local pool or on holiday. Even if you have got some top secret work to do you can at least have some fun while you're at it.

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