Gadgets: Thumbs Up Solar Cars - 3 Pack

Thumbs Up Solar Cars - 3 Pack

These little sun-guzzlers are the ideal thing to keep on your desk or if you're feeling charitable give to an inquisitive child. Actually nah - keep them for yourself. With the Solar Cars you're guaranteed to have your day at least slightly brightened. All they need to get themselves driving all over the place is a little dose of sunlight and as soon as they come across some shade they'll stop. They come in packs of three ready for you to crack open and let them loose under the power of sun (or a light bulb if the sun's gone in). They require no other power source or batteries so they're eco-friendly as well as being rather sweet. Perfect desktop nik-naks that won't drive you up the wall. Features: Pack includes 3 Solar Cars Powered entirely by the sun When turned on they'll drive about in the glare of the sun Put them in the shade and they'll do nothing Various colours Suitable for ages 8 years + Size: H: 2.5 W: 1.2 D: 3.2 cm

Price range: £11.99 - £11.99

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