Gadgets: Thumbs Up Remote Control Helicopter - Sky Fly

Thumbs Up Remote Control Helicopter - Sky Fly

Charge the skies Featuring a super-bright LED on its nose section and trim function for steady flying the small but perfectly formed RC Sky Fly is a great choice for indoor search and rescue missions. As well as looking super sleek the Remote Controlled Sky Fly is small enough to pilot safely indoors without worrying too much about damaging your pelmets! But don't let its diminutive stature fool you it's still mega stable and really easy to manoeuvre - perfect for buzzing around like a pro in a matter of minutes. As far as features go it includes a trim function for constant flight control and a tri-band transmitter designed to allow up to three helicopters to fly without interference in the same area. When it comes to charging it couldn't be simpler. Just connect the helicopter to the remote control via the charging wire provided and the batteries will give it a full power boost in less than half an hour. Features: 2-Channel Remote Control Helicopter Designed for use indoors Remote control range: Approximately 10 metres Controller requires: 6x AA batteries (not included) Full charge time: 20 minutes Flying time per charge: Approximately 6-8 minutes For ages 14+ Size: Dimensions: 37 x 14 x 8cm Weight: 169g

Price range: £19.99 - £19.99

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