Gadgets: Thumbs Up RC Helicopter - Gyro Dynamite

Thumbs Up RC Helicopter - Gyro Dynamite

RC Helicopters are the ultimate boys' toys great fun for the younger and adult boy! The Gyro Dynamite is a 3 channel helicopter one of the quietest and most stable RC toys. Easy to control it is both strong and lightweight with a gyro stabilizer control to guide the helicopter in all directions. The automatic demo button when pressed automatically guides the helicopter so you can impress people with your powers of telekinesis. - R.K. Features: Quiet and easy to manoeuvre 3-channel infrared control Strong lightweight metal frame Gyro stabilizer Turbo function LED front light USB Charger included Flying time – approx. 7 mins per charge Charging time – approx. 30-40mins Controller requires 6x AA batteries (not included)

Price range: £39.99 - £39.99

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