Gadgets: Thumbs Up Gyro Flyer Radio Control Heli

Thumbs Up Gyro Flyer Radio Control Heli

We're not going to lie - we've had a prototype of the Gyro Flyer in the office for quite some time and it's safe to say that none of us can remember a time before it was in our lives. It's that good. It's pretty much the best indoor RC Helicopter we've ever had the pleasure to pilot - it's stable easy to fly and looks insanely cool. With 3 channel control and an amazingly nimble turning speed it does almost everything a normal full-sized helicopter can do apart from transport passengers or play a pivotal role in aerial combat. We've been setting ourselves challenges - who can fly from one surface to another in the shortest time who can pick up a paperclip with the legs transporting messages from one end of the room to the other… basically anything that gets us out of doing work for five minutes. All in the name of research eh? Subscribers to our YouTube channel will also have seen us monkeying around with the prototype (and creating a mini helicopter graveyard while we were at it). Charging via USB unlike many indoor choppers means that there's only a short delay between bouts of aerial exhilaration - a massive bonus. It's made of sturdy metal and has a sleek moulded chassis which means it has serious advantages over its more lightweight competitors on the market (and it could totally whip them in an aerial dogfight). With those sleek LED lights you'll be able to fly under cover of darkness too. Absolutely one of our favourites. Features: A 3 channel RC Helicopter in delicious red and white. 1:64 scale. Very easy to fly and manoeuvre thanks to gyroscope stability control. Amazingly nimble perfect for beginners. 3 frequencies to allow multiple helicopters to fly together. Sturdy metal frame and plastic chassis. LED lights to allow nocturnal flight (for covert operations obviously). Remote control is infra-red. Remote control range: 10 meters approx. Helicopter charges via USB. Charge time: 20 mins. Flight time with full charge: 6-8 mins approx. Remote control requires 6 x AA batteries (not included). Helicopter battery is rechargeable 3.7V 100Mah Li-Po (included). Suitable for ages 8 years +. Size: 22 x 9.5 x 4 cm.

Price range: £29.99 - £29.99

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