Gadgets: Thumbs Up Flying Lanterns - Ten Pack

Thumbs Up Flying Lanterns - Ten Pack

They're basically a large paper (fireproof) lantern with a wick suspended beneath them. You light the wick (outside of course) and in about thirty seconds they are filled with hot air from the flame and are ready to sail majestically up to 1000 feet into the night sky. Originally thought up by the Chinese over 2000 years ago as a warning signal paper lanterns gradually became a part of festival and ceremonial practices across the Far East. Now we can enjoy them too and whether you're planning on using them for a wedding a party or just because they're beautiful there's no doubt they'll bring a certain spark to any event. Who knows where they may end up?Features: A pack of 10 lanterns that use hot air to float serenely into the sky. The lanterns are created from non-flammable bio-degradable paper. Each pack contains release instructions and safety instructions. Whilst lanterns are much safer to light than fireworks caution must be taken at all times with the naked flame. Suitable for ages 16+ Size: 90 x 44 (diam)cm.

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