Gadgets: Thumbs Up 6-Inch Plasma Ball

Thumbs Up 6-Inch Plasma Ball

Discover an electrifying lightning show with this 6-inch Plasma Ball. This retro classic from the 80s is a mesmerising interactive light and when you touch the globe electromagnetic plasma streamers are attracted from the inner ball to your hand. There's 2 modes to choose from: continuous or sound sensitive which will turn the plasma ball on in time to the music. The Plasma Ball will look great as a decorative light and is great fun for kids and adults. - A.D. Features: Trapped lightning effect Interactive light that reacts to touch 2 modes: continuous or sound sensitive Adaptor included Do not place electronic devices upon or near the Plasma Ball Do not expose to water or heat Do not remove the base from the ball

Price range: £19.99 - £19.99

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This product is no longer available.