Gadgets: Suck UK Reflective Biker Socks

Suck UK Reflective Biker Socks

Office worker by day and high-speed high-risk low-vis cyclist by night? Seamlessly shift from work to the commute home with these reflective cycling socks. They are not a replacement for other safety clothing but a compliment to the lights and high-vis vests every cyclist should wear! If you are going to tuck your trousers into your socks before you cycle you might as well get some other benefit out of it right? The socks feature a reflective patch on the back which once you've tucked your trousers into them (to prevent the chain jamming) adds to making you as visible as possible on the road. Features: Pack of two socks - with sewn on reflective patches One size and unisex

Price range: £13.49 - £13.49

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