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Solar Technology Freeloader Pro

As technology becomes more advanced more and more of us are taking portable mp3 players mobile phones PDA's and portable DVD players along on our travels. This is all well and good but if you want to use any of them you're going to have to use up the battery and there's nothing worse than having your DVD player run out of juice half way through the Usual Suspects (now you'll never know who Keyser Söze is). With the Freeloaders onboard battery all you need to do is plug your portable DVD into the Pro using the relevant adapter (included) to let the Freeloader power your gizmo while you watch the rest of the movie. You're in the depths of deepest darkest jungle you've spent the last 3 weeks tracking a buffoonery of Orangutan (probably the best collective noun in the world) you reach for your camera and . . . nothing. Those pesky batteries just won't hold charge for any decent length of time. Normal people would pack up the camera and make their way back to camp but you've planned ahead and packed your Freeloader Pro so all you need to do is slot the battery into the CamCaddy and connect it to the Freeloader and your battery will receive up to 90% of the full capacity charge. The Caddy even has an LED display so you can see how the charge is progressing. If you're a bit closer to civilisation but like taking long strolls off the beaten track then you can take advantage of the USB connection on the Freeloader - hook it up to a PC or Mac and the internal battery will be charged to full capacity in as little as 3 hours. With the Freeloader Pro you can keep your gadgets topped up wherever you are in the world.

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