Gadgets: Solar Centre Fairy Light Net

Solar Centre Fairy Light Net

These Solar Fairy Light Nets are perfect in the garden during summer. The lights produce as much light as mains powered versions but you won't have to plug them in anywhere - simply wrap around your favourite tree or garden chair and let them soak up the sun while you and your friends party until the sun goes down. Once night has fallen the lights will have enough juice to last 20 hours. There's even six lighting modes so you can alternate between a steady pulse fast flashing and normal mood lighting. Also available in a 5 10 or 28 metre cable the solar panel and control box are all fully weather resistant. There's no fidgety wiring so you can get them working straight out of the box and they even have different time modes so you can optimise them when the winter sunlight takes over. Let the sun add a little light to your garden 24 hours a day.

Price range: £59.99 - £59.99

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