Gadgets: Slanket - Lavender

Slanket - Lavender

Sometimes after a hard day at work all you feel like doing is curling up on the sofa and with the Slanket you can be much more cosy and warm. The Slanket is a blanket with sleeves and its gigantic size means that it's perfect for every shape and size. Kick back on the sofa and watch the telly read a book or enjoy a glass of wine the Slanket won't restrict your movement and you'll remain wrapped in it's warmth and cosyness. The Slanket can also be machine washed so it's not a problem if you spill anything whilst enjoying some rest and relaxation. The Slanket is great as a winter warmer and is ideal for when you fancy some quality time on the sofa. Features: Blanket with sleeves Lavender Slanket Blanket size: 60 x 95 inches Made of 100% fleecey polyester Machine washable Suitable for ages 12+ Size: Dimensions: 152 x 241cm Weight: 1.6kg

Price range: £22.99 - £22.99

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