Gadgets: Signal Pod Wireless Remote Control Bicycle Indicators

Signal Pod Wireless Remote Control Bicycle Indicators

Avoid the one handed wobble of turning when riding with the help of these Remote Control Bicycle Indicators. Connect the wireless control unit to the handlebars and attach the Signal Pod Indicators to the seat post. When you need to turn push the corresponding button on the handlebars unit and the signal at the rear will flash just like car indicators. Now you can keep both hands 'on yer bike'! - R.K. Includes: Wireless remote control Bracket for mounting the Signal Pod under bike seat Features: Allows cyclists to maintain control of their bike Bright LED light display Clearer signals both day and night There is even a hazard light signal Sound effects accompany the indicators  Waterproof and durable Requires 3x AAA battery for Signal Pod (not included) and 1x CR2032 battery for the Remote Control (included)

Price range: £27.99 - £27.99

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