Gadgets: Science Museum Brush Robot

Science Museum Brush Robot

The Mechanic Fun range is a collection of eco-friendly mechanical science kits that promote the preservation of the environment. Practical tasks that incorporate re-usable items to make fun and interesting projects. Easy to make and fun to play with. The Brush robot is a robot on the go. This flexible little guy slides on smooth floor surfaces, a robotic mobile sweeper with dynamic sweeping strengths that can help remove dirt anytime you need. The Science Museum has been turning science into a thrilling learning experience for many years, and have added their special seal of approval to a limited range of toys that they believe support their mission and will engage children in all aspects of science and learning. [b]Key Features:[/b] - Slides along smooth surfaces - Dynamic sweeping to clean up dirt - Helping children to understand mechanical principals - Eco-friendly, educational toys - Not suitable for children under three

Price range: £11.33 - £11.33

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