Gadgets: Peers Hardy Teddy Speaker

Peers Hardy Teddy Speaker

The Teddy Speaker has arrived to brighten up your bedroom or desktop with its psychedelic demeanour. It's just perfect for the big kid who doesn't want to sully their house or office with yet another sterile techno-cube of noise. There's nothing worse than trying to nod off when your ears are stuffed with uncomfortable headphones and the Teddy Speaker is perfect for those of us who just can't drift off without some soothing sounds lulling them into a soft slumber. It will happily sit on your bedside table without ruining the bedroom's mojo because it looks just like any other teddy bear. The speakers have been tucked away in the bear's feet and the battery pack is cleverly hidden inside the teddy so you'll barely even notice that this loveable bear houses a great sounding sound system for your MP3 player.

Price range: £12.99 - £12.99

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