Gadgets: Luckies of London Pickmaster Plectrum

Luckies of London Pickmaster Plectrum

Plectrum puncher! For all guitar players and enthusiasts the plectrum is key to strumming out those chords and now you will never be short of your own supply. With the Pickmaster Plectrum Pick much like a hole puncher you can punch out your own litle plastic plectrums from any bit of plastic. We're thinking old bank cards being resurrected as nifty picks but you can have fun trying to find the next bit of plastic to punch as your plectrum for guitar. Fling your picks into the crowd like a rockstar without worry! The plectrum maker might become a favourite over even... dare I say it... your guitar! - R.K. Size: Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 5.5cm

Price range: £15.99 - £15.99

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