Gadgets: ION Health USB Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

ION Health USB Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitor your blood pressure with the ION Health USB Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This device makes it easy to capture and keep track of your blood pressure. It will automatically recognises when it's at the correct heart level position to give you more accurate readings. To get your reading all you have to do is put it on your wrist switch it on and it will begin automatically. The device can store 352 readings along with a date and time stamp on the memory in the device so you can keep track over time. ION Health Suite Software is also included which lets you connect the monitor via USB and upload your results with the click of a button. Then you can send the results by email and send the results via email to your physician or pharmacist etc. The ION Health USB Blood Pressure Monitor gives you accurate readings in your own home and with the ION Health Suite Software you can keep track of your results. - AD Measures systolic pressure diastolic pressure and pulse rate USB connection to download and track your results on a PC One-touch accurate measurements in 30 seconds or less Large and easy to read LCD display Comfortable automatic inflation and deflation Stores up to 352 readings with time/date Switches off automatically after 3 minutes being idle Carrying case included 

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