Gadgets: ILA Wedge Personal Safety Door Alarm

ILA Wedge Personal Safety Door Alarm

The ILA Wedge Door Alarm is a reassuring product for frequent fliers university students and anyone who feels uneasy about staying alone in a house or hotel room. To use the device simply turn the slide switch to on then jam it under a door to make it harder to open. If an intruder tries to force entry you (and hotel staff) will be alerted by an ear-splitting alarm. The stylish and lightweight design is small enough to fit in your luggage and it won't accidentally trigger thanks to the on/off switch. The ILA Wedge Door Alarm will help you feel safe whether you're home alone in a hall of residence or travelling. - A.D. Features: Portable wedge door alarm Perfect for travelling and students living away from home Ear-splitting alarm to alert you and hotel staff Feel safe sleeping alone at night Stylish lightweight and compact design Specifications: Weight: With batteries 67g Size: L140(mm) X W57(mm) X H33.5(mm) Battery life: 4 X LR43 alkaline button cells (replaceable) Volume: 130dB Usage: Turn the slide swith to ON position; product is on stand-by. Alarm activates when swing cover swung in approx 1.5 degree and latched. Latched alarm will only be switched off by turning the switch to OFF position. Testing: CE Info: Swing cover is pivoted at a hook and swings down if cover is being pressed. Battery door available for battery replacement. Printing on both sides of body. Rubber foot is provided. Click here to check out the whole range of ila security products.

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