Gadgets: Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso

Handpresso Wild Instant Espresso

Just because you're out and about doesn't mean you have to forego that all important espresso moment. This outstanding invention allows you to easily brew up an excellent shot of the perfect espresso whether you're in the park or half way up a mountain in the wilderness and in need of a shot. Super light-weight and portable the Handpresso Wild prepares a tasty espresso with a perfect crema using a patented high pressure extraction system. You simply pump up the handle to 16 bar (a gauge ensures you hit the perfect pressure every time) add water from your thermos to the mini reservoir slip in a coffee pod and fire off your espresso. It's a quite brilliant invention that's been beautifully executed and designed and now it's available as part of a stunning Handpresso Outdoor Set. Coffee Info: All Handpresso machines use E.S.E. pods (Easy Serving Espresso). It is an open standard guaranteeing an outstanding quality. E.S.E. pods are not to be confused with soft pods. These pods are sold in the coffee section in most supermarkets and loads of coffee sellers have them on-line. More than a hundred coffee merchants make pods that meet the E.S.E standards so finding your favourite coffee is no big deal (though we're particular fans of Illy).

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