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Hama Screen Foam Cleaner

[b]Goodbye Grime![/b] Over time TFT/LCD and Plasma screens can accumulate a significant amount of dust, dirt and finger prints which can lead to deterioration both in the visual quality provided by the screen and the actual screen itself, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the all round performance and entertainment experience received. [b]Farewell Filth![/b] Hama's LCD/Plasma Foam Cleaner with microfibre cleaning cloth helps to swiftly yet gently remove grime from your LCD/Plasma screens with minimal fuss, as well as being suitable for various other surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal etc. for a wide range of applications all over the home and office. The special cleaning foam is especially formulated for sensitive LCD/Plasma screens with its gentle, non-corrosive nature that once applied remains on the desired area for effective targeted cleaning, rather than running down the screen and creating unnecessary smears or leaking through and damaging the internal components of the device. The foam can then be gently wiped away using the included antistatic microfibre cleaning cloth for thorough removal of dirt and dust with no risk of damage to the screen. When done regularly this can prolong the lifetime of your screen and the related device to allow you to enjoy it in all its sparkling glory for a long time to come.

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