Gadgets: Hama LED Clamp/Fold-Out Illuminated Magnifier

Hama LED Clamp/Fold-Out Illuminated Magnifier

[b]Hama Lights the Way[/b] Reduce the strain on your eyes and get into focus with this LED Clamp/Fold-Out Illuminated Magnifier from Hama. Perfect for the keen hobbyist who wishes to study or work on detailed objects as well as for those who simply want to read small text, this illuminated magnifier can magnify up to 2.5x with the main lens and 4x using the smaller bifocal part. Get up close and personal with the finer details of stamps, rocks, gems, jewellery hallmarks, coins and more as you view everything from a new clearer perspective. [b]It's a Small World[/b] With the inclusion of 2 daylight LEDs on the magnifier lens, the Hama LED Illuminated Magnifier will illuminate the way to the discovery of fascinating features that may otherwise have been overlooked at first glance. Also possessing both a clamp and fold-out legs the magnifier can be either fixed securely to the edge of a table or desk or stood loosely on top of any flat surface to provide more freedom of movement, depending on the circumstances and your personal requirements. In addition, the magnifier lens is also attached to an ultra flexible gooseneck that can be adapted to reach various angles and distances in relation to the subject matter you are studying to ensure that you have the optimum view of every tiny detail.

Price range: £26.20 - £26.20

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