Gadgets: Grundig Contact Grill

Grundig Contact Grill

The Grundig Contact Grill is a healthy way to cook your food while keeping all the great flavour. You'll be able to enjoy healthy low fat food as the tilted surfaces let the excess fat drip off your food. When you have the lid closed your choice of meat fish cheese vegetables paninis and more will be quickly cooked and evenly grilled on both sides. The grill can also lie flat if you prefer an open grill and with a surface of 31 x 26cm on each side there's room for plenty of food. Both of the non-stick grill plates can be individually heated up and switched off which is great when you have it opened up and one lot of food is cooked. There's a thermostat on the front of the grill with an on and off switch and a light indicator will show you when the grill has heated to the right temperature. The grill plates are also removable for a convenient and thorough clean. - A.D. Family size grill - 2 x 31 x 26cm grill plates Tilted surface lets fat drip off the food Grill can be opened completely flat to double the surface area Detacheable non-stick grill plates for easy cleaning Height adjustment for different meat thickness Master thermostat control with on/off switch on each side 2 x diswasher proof drip trays included 2000W power      

Price range: £49.99 - £49.99

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