Gadgets: Funtime Gifts Butterfly Jar

Funtime Gifts Butterfly Jar

There's nothing that conjures up memories of a youth spent frolicking in the countryside like a butterfly in a jar and this super-realistic imitation is a real charmer. All you have to do to wake it up and get it flapping around is tap on the top of the jar. One tap will get it going two will make it flutter and three will make it flap about all over the place. It's a great little ornament to have around the place ideal if you want to feel like a giddy child again or if you've got a giddy child of your own to give it to. The main selling point is obviously that it's an awful lot more effective than donning a khaki suit and buying a butterfly net and a great deal more animal-friendly than trapping a real one. Beautifully designed and surprisingly realistic once it starts flapping around the Butterfly Jar is a really charming gift. Features: The Butterfly Jar contains an imitation butterfly. Tap the jar to see the butterfly fly around. One tap to wake it up two to make it flutter and three to make it flap. Incredibly realistic butterfly flying action. Makes a charming gift for nature enthusiasts. An awful lot more environmentally friendly than trapping a real butterfly. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included). Colours may vary. Suitable for ages 5 years +. Size: H: 22 W: 10 D: 10 cm.

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