Gadgets: Funtime Gifts Airzooka

Funtime Gifts Airzooka

No it's not a fluorescent bucket with a handgrip. This we'll have you know is a high-tech soft-combat Airzooka. Capable of delivering high velocity air balls it has a manual quick-release sprung firing mechanism and flip-up non-precision sighting system. Ok its design does tend to err on the bucket side but don't be fooled. This monster is a highly effective close-quarter wind weapon that had the office in stitches for far longer than adults should laugh without sitting down for a little rest. Basically a large bucket and a bag the wonderful Airzooka is the ultimate air defence weapon that fires an incredibly focused ball of air up to twenty feet. It's hard to imagine how much fun this is until you've tried it - it's a blast quite literally. Note: Colours may vary

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