Gadgets: Freetime Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Freetime Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Put your feet up and relax while the Freetime Robot Vacuum Cleaner does all the hard work for you. This 'space age' advancement in technology allows you to let the robots do the work. Sleek and low-profile it'll even get into those hard to reach places including under furniture! Simple operation requires no thought whatsoever just press start and watch it intelligently whizz around your home. Brushes around the outer edge get into all those small areas making sure every inch of the room is cleaned. The Robot Vacuum Cleaner can run for up to 50 minutes after a four hour charge perfectly capable of covering the largest of rooms. The huge 200ml storage container gathers up dirt dust hairs and waste for easy disposal when full. (MM) Easy to Use Automated System Outer-Edge Cleaning Brushes Avoidance Sensors to Protect from Damage 200ml Capacity Charge Time: 4 Hours Run Time: 50 Minutes Power: 14.4V / 7.5W Weight: 1.5kg Please Note: Designed for hard floor surfaces only

Price range: £59.99 - £59.99

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