Gadgets: Fascinations Antigravity Platform

Fascinations Antigravity Platform

No you are not seeing things. Well obviously you're seeing something but the thing you're seeing is in no way an optical illusion. This Antigravity Platform is not a Paul Daniels trick crossed with a Stephen Hawking treatise it's an amazing and different way to display your ornaments trinkets pictures or whatever object you fancy viewing from all angles. Of course it's not magic but it is very clever. The platform itself is a whopping great electromagnet (not as scary as it sounds) and whichever object you want to levitate a few inches above it is placed on another magnet. Just don't ask us exactly how it works. All we know is… y'know magnets. You can also plug the platform into the mains and illuminate your floating thingies - delightful. Just give it an encouraging tap and it'll revolve indefinitely too giving a slightly Buck Rogers effect to whatever you've chosen to display. It comes with a globe to start you off and it looks great when it revolves. The real charm is being able to display anything you like (with a weight of about 3 ounces or less) in a unique way - the Antigravity Platform quite literally revolutionises how we enjoy the bits and bobs we want to show off.

Price range: £79.99 - £79.99

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