Gadgets: Eisch Glas Eisch - Non Drip Decanter

Eisch Glas Eisch - Non Drip Decanter

This Eisch wine decanter is a beautiful addition to any swanky drawing room. Actually it's a beautiful addition to any room in the house but with one crucial difference - it's non-drip. So many decanters and jugs these days end up with mucky red wine stains down the neck from casual pouring but thanks to the unique treatment given to the glass our decanter won't leave you with a nightmare washing up job. You can also opt for the cleaning balls and stopper so that you don't slosh your vino onto the floor available separately. The stopper is equally classy and has a rather satisfying heft while the balls are utterly essential for cleaning. Basically if you like your wine classy you need our Decanter. Features: A super-swanky decanter for your drop of red. Specially treated glass ensures that your wine remains unspilled when pouring. High quality glass construction. A beautiful way to serve wine. Stopper also available seperately. Cleaning balls are perfect for cleaning the decanter out (also available seperately). Suitable for ages 18 years +. Size: H: 23 W: 22 D: 22 cm (decanter). H: 7 W: 8 D: 8 cm (stopper).

Price range: £39.99 - £39.99

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