Gadgets: Branex Design iTamTam M3 Vogue Speaker Dock for iPhone and iPod - Ocean Blue

Branex Design iTamTam M3 Vogue Speaker Dock for iPhone and iPod - Ocean Blue

Sounds coming from your stool iTamtam - where have I heard that before? Oh I remember... The stool that Brigitte Bardot made me buy. Ah the vision of a beauty perched upon another beauty... Enough of the sidetracking the original Tam Tam seat was designed by Henry Massonnet in 1968 and its popularity especially with such top notch celebrity endorsement warrants a revisit. Thanks to the iTamtam the original '60s design has been converted into a speaker dock whilst keeping its original use as a seat. Created by designer Eric Berthes and by Branex Design the iTamtam Colour Vogue is a docking station a speaker and a smart-looking stool all wrapped into one. A bright idea that harks back to '60s retro whilst converting to contemporary usage gets the thumbs up from us. Decorate and add instant funk to any room of your house with this sitting in the corner. Because of its size it can act as another place to sit when running low on the seats to bums ratio! Choose from seven colours to match the colour of the room the Speaker Dock will occupy or intentionally pick a colour that will clash to really make the Speaker's design stand out. Let it make a visual statement on top of the quality audio it will provide. The Vogue dock by iTamtam can support a maximum weight of 100kg and has 5 tweeters and a built-in bass reflex subwoofer integrated for rich and reverberant bass notes. Both iPod and iPhone compatible the iTamtam Vogue has a jack that allows you to connect any compatible music source via its supplied 3.5 mm mini cable: MP3 players computers TVs or HiFi systems. The Vogue is the top range model and has a built in battery so you can take it around. What's more to enjoy even fuller sound you can hook the iTamtam Vogue up to a spare iTamtam M0 speaker and blast 2x 35W of rich sound. You'll be blown away by the remarkable sonic clarity and by its colourful unique design. Features: iTamtam Speaker compatible with iPhone 3 4 and iPod Classic Touch Speaker that also acts as a stool - can support maximum weight of 100kg Inlcudes rechargeable battery Available in seven different colours: Snow White Cherry Red Glossy Black Platinum Purple Ocean Blue and Lime Green Size: Dimensions: 31 x 37 x 47cm Weight: 5.2kg - R.K.

Price range: £399.99 - £399.99

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