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AppToyz AppFishing

Cast off and start fishing with your smartphone around the globe while in your own home. Simply slot your smartphone into the AppToyz AppFishing rod launch the Fish It app and start casting. When you use the rod the built-in gyrometer will track motion based casting and the reeling function is suitable for left or right handers. Utilising unique touch screen technology the free app includes a variety of different fishing challenges and environments. Take your pick from the most extreme real world locations and catch some weird and wonderful fish. The sporty and ergonomic design makes it really easy to pick up and play. AppFishing even includes augmented reality play while the casting button allows for quick line release. The rubber grip handle will ensure your hand doesn't slip when casting. Fish It begins in the American Lakes then you can fly to the Bahamas Greenland and Tokyo on a quest to catch 60 different species of fish. As you fish and earn money you can upgrade your bait line length and rader to find the rarer species. The rod is detachable so it won't take up lots of room and is easy to store. This is a great gift for anyone who loves fishing with this device they can even fish on their smartphone or media device. - A.D. Features: Enjoy fishing with your smartphone or media device Features a built-in gyrometer Ergonomic design Reel can be moved left or right Easy to store features a detachable rod

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