Gadgets: AppGear Zombie Burbz for iOS and Android by AppGear - High School

AppGear Zombie Burbz for iOS and Android by AppGear - High School

Gaming reality just got better with the AppGear a mobile app technology that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Zombie Burbz are a collection of Zombie characters that you can move across your smart device screen to interact and play the game. Zombies have long been misunderstood they no longer want to make enemies of humans they just want to live a quiet life in the suburbs but will the humans let them? Zombie Burbz sees you control a Zombie figure fighting off any mobs that come their way and helping to feed their appetite a healthy dose of garbage. Yum! Feel what it is like to be a zombie and share some of their pain in not belonging. Play the interactive Burbz Battle on an iPad or Android smart screen device a free download. High School contains the usual dilemmas found at school: boyfriends girlfriends bullies. See if you can help zombie girl fend off the human bullies at school. - R.K. Contents: Includes 3 collectable 4cm Zombie figures and 1 deluxe figure to control the game with Zombie Burbz is available as a free download app Features: Use the deluxe Zombie figure to control across the screen to play the app game Complete missions and unlock levels to progress through the game Compatible with an iOS and Android smart devices Choose from 4 games: Avenue Diner Emergency or High School

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