Gadgets: AppGear Foam Fighters for iOS and Android by AppGear - Battle of Britain

AppGear Foam Fighters for iOS and Android by AppGear - Battle of Britain

Gaming reality just got better with the AppGear a mobile app technology that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. The Foam Fighters are foam airplanes that everybody knows and loves that can be attached to your smartphone device for unique flying gameplay. Put yourself in the cockpit as you prepare to strap yourself in and take on missions and experience aerial combat. Mount your plane on the front of the device so it simulates flying when you play the game through the viewfinder. Each Foam Fighter is based on a WWII fighter plane and comes into its own in the digital world taking digital hits whilst aiming for victory. Whether you play as Axis or as Allies you can earn points to upgrade your fighter planes with different guns and bombs to tackle different campaigns. If you decide to choose Britain you will receive two fine aircrafts that will give you their best performance. The Bulldog and the Blitzer are part of the Battle of Britain doing their bit for the cause and defending Britain. - R.K. Contents: Fold out stands to construct your Foam Fighter Includes 2x full colour Fighter Planes: Bulldog and Blitzer 2x Folding Stands 1x Suction Cup Mounting Arm Features: Foam Fighters can be attached to an iPhone iPod Touch or Android smartphone Compatible with iOS and Android smart devices You can play in multiplayer mode over Wi-Fi Choose either: Britain Europe or the Pacific Foam Fighters

Price range: £12.99 - £12.99

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